Our mission

Autonomous life support in intensive care

Autonomous mechanical ventilation

Our autonomous mechanical ventilation platform will contribute to saving millions of lives by providing adequate respiratory support to each of the more than 20 million patients admitted to intensive care each year.


L‘assistance respiratoire, un art complexe

In a global context where the demand for critical care is sharply increasing, healthcare facilities struggle to gather a sufficient quantity of highly qualified human resources necessary for the implementation of increasingly complex mechanical ventilation techniques.

Ventilation is too often inadequate

82% of patients in need of respiratory assistance do not receive ventilation that complies with international standards.

Medical staff under pressure

The intensive care staff is under significant pressure. Intensive care units struggle to recruit the specialized personnel required for their proper functioning.

Demanding skills

The training of a specialized caregiver and the acquisition of field experience require a significant amount of time, making the retention of expertise a crucial challenge. 

Ou solution

An autonomous mechanical ventilation platform

Hilum supports healthcare professionals throughout the patient's hospital stay. Its hardware platform deploys software functions, using artificial intelligence to monitor and autonomously implement personalized therapeutic strategies. ..

At Hilum Healthcare, we believe that true progress lies in making high-quality care accessible to everyone.  The emergence of artificial intelligence capable of understanding the complexity of human respiration makes this vision possible.


High-end ventilation for everyone

Our platform has been designed to deliver ventilatory performance equivalent to the best respirators currently on the market.

Autonomy ensures a meticulous and repeatable implementation of a therapeutic strategy in line with international recommendations and state-of-the-art practices, regardless of the operator's expertise level.  

It also ensures continuous monitoring, constantly at the patient's bedside, speeding up response time to changes in the patient's condition. 

Restoring time for healthcare professionals.

Autonomy in mechanical ventilation allows healthcare professionals to focus on higher value-added tasks and on personalized patient care, indirectly improving the quality of healthcare. 

This reduces their mental load and increases their efficiency.


Reduce operating costs.

The deployment of autonomous ventilation pays off in less than six months compared to the use of a traditional ventilator.

By consistently providing optimal ventilation, it generates significant gains on all fronts: improvement in healthcare professionals' efficiency, reduction in length of stay, decrease in the risk of nosocomial infection, reduction in the risk of complications, and decrease in medical gas consumption.  etc.

The origins

Hilum Healthcare, an Airbus spin-off

Aerospace technologies applied to medicine.

In March 2020, Alexandre Jaeg and Damien Lozach – then engineers at Airbus and entrepreneurs – assembled a team of 40 engineers to cope with the shortage of ventilators in the context of the pandemic.
They deliver a prototype in less than 3 months with the support of the Toulouse University Hospital.
The project is incubated by Airbus Scale before becoming a spin-off, bringing together leading industrial partners.

Hilum Healthcare has been granted a substantial financial support in the frame of the France 2030 program for the "relocalization of strategic industries - health sector."

Medical devices meet aerospace

Team Hilum

A multidisciplinary team bringing together the expertise needed for the project and 40 years of combined startup experience.

Alexandre Jaeg

Co-founder . CEO​

Engineer graduated from INSA Lyon.
Project manager and technical-sales specialist for military and civilian programs at Airbus.
Founder of legaltech startup.

Damien Lozach

Co-founder . CTO & COO

Engineer in electronics and embedded systems from ENSEIRB-MATMECA.
Founder of a subsidiary of a Medtech startup.
Specialist in critical systems and head of environmental strategy at Airbus.

Axel Gabay

Co-founder . CFO

Graduated from ESSEC & LL.M. in law
Financial auditor, project manager at Société Générale.

Dr. Jennifer Oudry

R&D​ manager

PhD and engineer in life sciences.
15 years of experience in medical device startups.

Olivier Climent

QARA manager

15 years in the medical device industry, specializing in CE & FDA certifications.

Thomas Blanquart

System​ architect

Specialists in embedded systems for automotive and aerospace applications.

Morgane Leblanc

QARA Ingénieure

Biotechnology engineer with experience in medical device startups.

Deborah Rubstein​

R&D engineer

Biomedical engineer, graduate of UTC Compiègne

Andrea Hoarau

R&D engineer

Ingénieure mécanique
diplomée de l’INSA Lyon

Join us!

Within our dynamic and committed team, you will find a meaningful job. You will work directly on the product and collaborate with medical teams passionate about their profession. 

Close to users.

Scientific board

Hilum Healthcare is committed to being close to its users by involving them in the development process. Since the inception of the project, we can rely on the strong support and expertise of the Toulouse University Hospital.

Pr. Vincent Minville

Anesthesiologist - Intensivist.

Head of the Anesthesia - Intensive Care and Perioperative Medicine departments at Toulouse University Hospital.

Coordinator of the Anesthesia and Intensive Care Training Program.

Institute of Research in Geroscience and Rejuvenation RESTORE – INSERM / CNRS – Paul Sabatier University / Toulouse III.

Dr. Laure Crognier

Pulmonologist - Intensivist

Experienced physician at Toulouse University Hospital.

The scrum

First-rate partners.

The project led by Hilum Healthcare brings together stakeholders from various backgrounds – aerospace professionals, artificial intelligence researchers, medical personnel, and renowned industrial partners – around its vision. 

Made in France! Hilum Healthcare contributes to national health sovereignty by establishing production capabilities for strategic medical devices on French soil and implementing a short-circuit industrial strategy optimized for resilience.

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