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14th of February 2024

Hilum Healthcare is developing the first autonomous hospital ventilator

Hilum Healthcare - biomedical spin-off of Airbus Group develops en autonomous ventilator for hospitals, collaborating with the University Hospital of Toulouse, France.

Press articles

28 mars 2024 - Challenges

"100 Startups to Invest in 2024"
Hilum Healthcare: "smart" ICU ventilators

Hilum Healthcare is developing a platform for autonomous mechanical ventilation designed for intensive care units. This startup is part of the selection "100 startups to invest in 2024" by Challenges magazine. (Article in French)

19 mars 2024 - La Dépêche

The startup Hilum Healthcare and its ventilators are joining a high-profile program in Paris.

The Toulouse-based medical startup has been selected for the second edition of the e-health program Health Innovation Intensive Training (HIIT) organized by French Tech Grand Paris. (Article in French)

27th of February 2024 - La Tribune

This Airbus spin-off will manufacture autonomous ventilators for intensive care in Toulouse.

Amidst the pandemic, engineers at Airbus came up with the idea of manufacturing ICU ventilators in France using technologies from the aerospace industry. The startup Hilum Healthcare is now seeking to raise three million euros to produce its first ventilators in Toulouse within four years. Thanks to artificial intelligence, they will be partially autonomous. (Article in French)

22nd of February 2024 - La Lettre M

Hilum Healthcare aims to raise €4 million to develop its ICU ventilator.

The Toulouse-based startup Hilum Healthcare, a spin-off of Airbus launched in 2022, aims to raise €4 million by 2024. (Article in French)

24th of January 2024, Le Journal des Entreprises

Hilum Healthcare intends to raise 4 million Euros in 2024

The Toulouse-based startup Hilum Healthcare, a spin-off of Airbus created at the end of 2021, will strengthen its resources this year to continue developing its artificial ventilator intended for hospitals, with market release scheduled for 2027. (Article in French)

28th of March 2023 - La Dépêche du Midi

Hilum wants to relocate hospital ventilators in Toulouse and Montpellier

Born in the midst of Covid pandemic to address the shortage of artificial ventilators, the Toulouse-based startup, supported by Airbus, aims to launch its sovereign product made in Occitanie. (Article in French)